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Team Building In Warwickshire

Team Building In Warwickshire

Breaking the monotony of daily routine work and taking a dedicated step towards lifting the spirit of your team is vital. To do this, planning a day out is an ideal choice. You can take a step towards team building in Warwickshire by planning out a day filled with adventure and fun-filled activities and unleash a completely different side of your team. A small break will be more than welcome from the confines of the four walls of the corporate office space and in the meantime, having some fun and getting rejuvenated is just what your team needs.

Team building in Warwickshire will be a great stress buster for your employees as everyone is awarded the chance to see the other in a whole new light. If you are to do this, you have to ensure to do this right, and you can do this right with Avalanche Adventure! We are experts in outdoor team building activities and we are happy to take up the challenge that comes with taking the first step towards activities that are fun and are bound to cement a team! The activities that we offer aim to instil and refresh team spirit amongst colleagues.

Team building in Warwickshire has gained a lot of popularity because of the various benefits to its credit. Many business owners are choosing to invest in team building activities for their employees as it merges fun along with improved team spirit to deliver better understanding. It is very important that colleagues like and understand each other in a better way so as to carry out business activities smoothly.

At Avalanche Adventure, we assure you that team building in Warwickshire is an investment that is well-placed with a guaranteed valuable return.

We offer many fun and interactive outdoor activities for team building in Warwickshire. Here is how spending a day out with your team at Avalanche Adventure can benefit you:

Networking and Socialising

In order to enhance productivity in an office environment, socialising and befriending people is required. It strengthens the team spirit amongst team members which delivers greater efficiency in the workplace. Activities for team building in Warwickshire give your employees an opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This leads to better relationships amidst co-workers and helps break down barriers that exist in the workplace.

Encourages Teamwork Amongst Employees

All the activities for team building in Warwickshire require the involvement of employees working together as a team. This helps team members get a valuable insight on each other’s strengths and weaknesses and also improve communication with fellow teammates. This understanding paves way for stronger bond between team members. A strong team spirit is deemed to be very important for the progress of any business.

Encourages Creativity

Your team is encouraged to be more creative during the activities that are being carried out at Avalanche Adventure’s venue for team building in Warwickshire. Successful team building activities not only brings out the best in your employees but also cement them together as a team which opens a gateway to many creative solutions. Collaboration is vital for the success of any organisation.

There are several reasons as to why companies use team building activities; namely improvement in the flow of communication, productivity and of course the most obvious of them all is the fact that it allows employees to break ice with their fellow colleagues whilst also giving them a refreshing break from work and professional environment.

Team building need not be a chore. Many distinguished establishments now believe that team building is elemental to boost work morale and bonding, but it also gives one the opportunity to share an experience of working collectively to achieve a goal.

At Avalanche Adventure, we offer varied activities for team building in Warwickshire. These are explained briefly below:

Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving is a sure-fire way to express the true value of team work, collaboration and communication all at once. It is a challenging yet fun activity that requires the participation of a minimum of 4 people and is a true assessment of the level of trust and skill consisting of a driver who is blindfolded using one of Avalanche’s Land Rover Defenders.

Before you begin with Blindfold driving, our qualified instructor will give a quick 10 minute brief, filling you in on the activity which will familiarise you with our Blindfold Driving course which is made out of tyres spread across for team building in Warwickshire.

These tyres act as obstacles while the team tries to drive around it. The member giving out the instructions to the blindfolded driver must try his/her best to navigate the Land Rover Defender to avoid these hurdles while at the same time prevent any time penalties. Worries have to be kept far aside as our instructors will be around all the time at the locations where the tyres are placed , to guide you with the operation of the controls of our Land Rover Defenders.

The driver is seated in the second gear and leaves the Land Rover to drive itself without the accelerator, brake or clutch. The other team member has the responsibility to help the blindfolded driver navigate around the course using clear and direct instructions. We allow every member of the team to practice first and then they will get timed on their last lap. The team with the quickest time wins the race!

Prepare yourself and your team to be surprised out of your wits, while being enthralled and thoroughly entertained by the results of this thrilling activity of team building in Warwickshire. Blindfold Driving is an activity that requires listening skills of the highest quality coupled with smooth and direct verbal communication and coordination skills, not to mention the maintaining of a cool head under pressure.

Swinging Bridge

This activity involves crossing a bridge that is connected from one end to the other over a river. This of course is not as simple as it sounds as it requires steady focus, dedication and sheer will to cross the bridge. Swinging bridge is an amazing activity to top off a day of river rafting. This activity will give your adrenaline an unexpected jolt as you jump off high suspended bridges that are secured by climbing ropes and gear. This rope will be fixed at the centre of the bridge, while the jumper walks towards the end of the bridge pulling the rope tight in the process right before jumping off. This task can be performed by a maximum of 5 people at a given time.

Giant Jigsaw

Another interesting activity that is a part of our team building in Warwickshire is Giant Jigsaw. Teams must work as one in order to complete a puzzle as quickly as they possibly can. At first the teams will be divided and given different bags containing the pieces of the puzzle.

This is supposed to give the teams the false impression that they will be competing against each other, but they will soon come to realise that they have absolutely no way of completing the puzzle unless they work together and in sync along with other sub teams as they are very likely to hold the puzzle pieces that are absent.

At Avalanche Adventure, we provide you with the puzzle pieces that are guaranteed to keep all the team members engaged during the exercise. We will conduct this activity in a spacious place which will be large enough to accommodate all the team members while making it easy to view the puzzle which is bound to make solving more fun and easy.

Teams consisting of more than five people will be challenged on their organisational, leadership and team skills while simultaneously ensuring that every team member has a definite role to play within the team as a part of team building in Warwickshire.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Opposite Steer Buggy is a fascinating and challenging activity as a part of team building in Warwickshire. The catch here is, as you steer to the left the buggy goes right and vice versa testing your reactions and brain power. You will have to give all your driving lessons a toss (only till you complete the activity) as you are going to defy everything that you’ve been taught.

You will have to concentrate with everything that you’ve got in order to get used to the operation of this vehicle. The little buggy that we house, functions on a series mini engine on a space frame and is a speedy mean machine. Come and drive it around in our tricky and challenging course where we place hurdles using canes. You will have to reverse the buggy into our makeshift garage.

Our qualified instructors are just a call away to help you with hints and tips for driving this speedy Opposite Steer Buggy. Our team will make everyone go through the controls and the course in a 10 minute brief session to make the participants understand the controls of the buggy. The key to fruitful team building in Warwickshire is unwavering concentration.

To know more about the activities that we offer, select the activity of your choice from the menu at the top of the page. We will tailor your chosen activities in a package. All you have to do is fill out the enquiry form or call us on 01858 880613

Avalanche Adventure takes pride in not only being an activity centre but also having CIPD qualified staff that have more than 20 years of experience in training and development. This also includes delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for the most established UK and European organisations.

In order to get effective results from a team, you need to first specify what type of team you are, the kind of goals you have and the roles and responsibility of each team member to succeed at the task in hand. Team building in Warwickshire provides many corporate companies with the basis that offers the opportunities to grow and expand as an organisation, because it all boils down to great team work which makes for a successful company.

We also provide you with of the range equipment (ex military gore-tex overalls, helmets and gloves). This allows your team to have a fun, realistic and intuitive experience. We work closely with companies in planning out the best way to incorporate the company philosophies in our activities for team building in Warwickshire. We are open all round the year because, mud is fun! If you are looking for a fun team building in Warwickshire then Avalanche Adventure is your go-to place.

Exploring options to treat your employees in a fun and unique way then come to Avalanche Adventure! Our packages are tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Our new building is the perfect hangout place for holding meetings pre or post activities along with excellent catering services to please your taste buds.

Our team building in Warwickshire has activities that are designed to enhance and inculcate leadership and management training along with problem solving. These activities ensure the development of trust, communication and motivation of the team amongst themselves.

At Avalanche, team development is at the core of all the activities that we offer to unleash the potential of your team. Our qualified experts stretch the mind a lot more than the body for strategic development all the while incorporating your main theories and tools.

Have a look at the price list page and the activity pages for more information on each activity. We will tailor your choice into a bespoke package.

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