3 Outdoor Adventure Activities to Replace Traditional Workplace Holiday Parties

workplace holiday ideas, a Christmas tree

The Christmas season is here! 

This means that it’s time to start thinking about your workplace holiday party. However, what do the words “office Christmas party” make you think of? Is it the same old, boring corporate event with the routine Christmas tree and Santa? 

If you answered yes, then we’re here to convince you to put a different spin on your annual holiday party this season!

Workplace holiday parties are a means of connecting with your staff and showing them appreciation for all their hard work. If you truly want to make it a successful event, you need to avoid a boring party with minimal participation. Instead, it’s time to think outside the box and try an adventure activity instead.  

Planning your workplace holiday party doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In fact, you’ll find many Christmas party packages at Avalanche Adventure that come with fun pre-planned activities. 

Still not sure about what to do? We can help. Below are our top three outdoor workplace holiday party ideas that you should consider this festive season.

3 Outdoor Workplace Holiday Party Ideas for Christmas 2022

1. Amphibious Vehicle Driving

ideas for Christmas party in office, an Argocat vehicle in water

If safaris and rough driving send tingles down your spine, you will love the amphibious vehicle driving experience at Avalanche Adventure. You will be provided with our excellent, eight-wheeled Argocat, which you can then manoeuvre around our man-made terrain. 

Our Argocats are skid proof and are specifically designed to enable you to drive around our steep slopes, deep water challenges and slippery obstacle course. Challenge your team members and colleagues to a race or a time trial event and celebrate Christmas with a blast. 

One thing you will have to ensure is that you wear the appropriate outdoor clothing, which includes boots, wellies or thick trainers. You may need a change of footwear or socks as this experience guarantees some extra splashes.

2. Hosting a Holiday 5K Run

Christmas party ideas for office staff, a woman running a race

Most workplace Christmas party ideas are centred around sipping cocktails and binging Christmas cookies and snacks. However, all this does is cause you to sit around and put on holiday weight. 

This Christmas, do something fun and burn a few calories instead. Host a group holiday 5K walk or run, where your staff can compete and win exciting prizes. This activity can be especially fun if your team members are active. 

Moreover, it adds a unique touch to your work Christmas celebrations and allows your colleagues to do something for their health and body. 

3. Axe Throwing

workplace holiday party ideas, axe throwing

Axe throwing was a common sport for the Vikings. This is because the axe was a favourite weapon for the Vikings and they commonly went to war with it. That is why they often held axe-throwing competitions to practise their skills. At Avalanche Adventure, we bring to you a touch of the Norse ways of living by offering you an axe-throwing experience. 

Even if it is your first time, you need not worry. Our trained and experienced instructors will guide you and show you how everything is done. You will then be provided with our training axes, which are better known as “Angel” axes. Once you have had enough practice, you will move on to the Norse tomahawks and their targets.

Settle in for a fun competition with your team members or get into the Viking spirit and feel what it’s like to battle with axes. This experience is bound to leave your staff and colleagues excited and exhilarated. 

Choose Avalanche Adventure for Your Workplace Holiday Parties!

Now that you have these ideas for celebrating Christmas in a unique and fun way, all that’s left to do is to choose your adventure. 

At Avalanche Adventure, you will find amazing Christmas party packages that can cater to all your corporate Christmas party needs. With our exhilarating activities and adrenaline-boosting adventures, you are guaranteed to have a truly special Christmas. 

From blindfold driving and axe throwing to pay-and-play days, you are spoilt for choice with Avalanche. No matter how big your team is, you will find something here for everyone. 

Book now to give your team the perfect workplace holiday party! You can also call us on 01858 880613 for more information.

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