How to Organise Outdoor Team-Building Events for HR Companies?

organising team building events; people bonding on a trip

Even though companies have grown accustomed to technology and the internet while working, many forget the importance of team building events. These activities can help strengthen the bond between co-workers and increase efficiency in the work environment. 

Additionally, it encourages employees to develop better communication skills crucial for HR companies. It’ll help improve productivity and help the team blend better than in a regular workplace.

You need team-building activities for your co-workers to not only entertain everyone involved but also to allow a breather and some downtime. 

To help you out, we’ve created an in-depth guide on organising team-building events for HR Companies!

Let’s get started!

Steps for Organising the Perfect Team Building Event

1. Set Objectives

HR activities; setting objectives

Although these team-building events should be fun for everyone involved, you need to make sure that you meet certain objectives. This ensures that your corporate day out is worth the investment. 

Try to create some aspects you would want your HR team to develop while they participate in these activities. Write down the objectives you’d like to achieve to choose challenges and events that would suit your goals. 

2. Set a Budget

team-bonding events; planning a budget

After deciding your goals for your team-building activity in Leicester, the next step is to set a budget for making it happen. You need to check how much you can spend to decide how extensive your fun corporate activities can be for a team-bonding event.

For instance, if you choose Avalanche for your team-building events, then we will create a plan according to your needs and budget. All you need to do is contact us here. 

3. Plan the Best Possible Time

HR team-building activities; choosing the right time

You need to decide the best possible time that’s suitable for everyone to fully engage with the upcoming event. Consequently, you need a perfect plan, so it doesn’t disturb their personal and work schedules. 

Avoid planning these team-building events during the free time of your employees because they would typically prefer spending it with their family and friends. 

Ensure that everyone is comfortable with the time and the day when planning a team-building event for your HR company. 

4. Book Your Slots for the Event at Avalanche

corporate days out; man booking slots at Avalanche

One of the best ideas for corporate days out is planning a trip to Avalanche Adventure. You will find a wide range of activities like blindfold archery, off-road driving, and many more adrenaline-filled activities perfect for an outdoor team-building adventure. 

The experts at Avalanche will help you to pick and plan for all the activities you want your team to enjoy. After a tiring day of fun-filled events, you can indulge in a delicious buffet lunch to fill your HR team’s stomach!

Book your team’s adventure right here!

5. Try Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

outdoor team-building events; people having fun outside

While trying out activities, you’ve got to break the ice and get out of your comfort zone to interact with your team. In such cases, it’s better to make sure to pick the extroverts from the office and pair them off in a way that facilitates better communication. 

However, make sure to maintain a positive and fun atmosphere while trying to get everyone out of their comfort zone. This will your team to get to know each other better and make sure to choose activities that help to create a stronger bond within the team. 

6. Collect Feedback

team-building activity; person collecting feedback from employee

You should try to find out if your corporate team-building event was entertaining and successful, to see if it had an impact. The simplest way to find out is to ask your team how they felt about the event.

You can conduct a quick feedback survey by asking them to fill out a form so that they can talk about their experience. This includes what they liked, disliked, and what changes they would prefer in the future. 

This will help you get ideas for your next team-building event. On top of that, you will gain insights into some other underlying issues which you can solve together with the team. 

Contact Avalanche Adventure to Book Your Slots for Corporate Days Out

Avalanche offers a wide range of exciting outdoor activities aside from interactive team-building activities. For instance, you can book sessions for hovercraft experience, quad biking, and more thrilling experiences to bring your team together. 

The experts at Avalanche will make sure that you are well-equipped to try out these activities, meaning you can face the thrill without any danger. 

To learn more about the activities offered at Avalanche, visit our homepage or get in touch with us now!

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