Off-Roading Cambridgeshire

Here at Avalanche, we offer one of the most extreme ranges of adventures including off-roading in Cambridgeshire.

It’s no secret- you can have A LOT of fun off-roading. An off-road driving experience allows you to tackle tough terrain onboard our hardy Land Rover Defenders. Off-roading is the perfect way to enjoy muddy fun with a combination of twists, turns and traverses to get the adrenaline pumping.

Negotiate water crossing and steep gradients as you learn a number of essential 4×4 driving techniques. Choose from our great range of off-roading experiences

Gemini Off-Roading

Here at Avalanche we offer an 800m race circuit with the challenge of racing around a slippery, muddy and wet track. So come along- challenge your friends! We have a time trial competition to really turn the heat up.

Gemini Liberator 400cc race buggies feature a full roll cage, three-point harness and fully independent suspension. They are fast, exhilarating and highly responsive machines. We will provide you with all necessary safety clothing, equipment and training. Individual rides last for around 30 minutes based on 4 people sharing 2 Buggies for a 1-hour session.

We can run up to 3 buggies at any one time in a pursuit format (not wheel to wheel!) if the size of the group requires us to do so.

We advise that anyone taking part wears appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather. Sometimes a change of footwear and socks is required after the event due to excessive puddle splashing!

Land Rover Off-Roading

Ever wanted to put the iconic Land Rover Defenders through its paces? If so, here at Avalanche we offer the most varied and thrilling off-roading experience in the country.

On an Avalanche Adventure off-roading experience, you will:

·        Test your 4×4 driving skills

·        Improve your control and become a safer driver.

·        Learn the true capabilities of the defender in exactly the type of terrain they are built to handle.

Off-Roading Packages

Avalanche Adventures off-road course will expand your knowledge and give you greater driving pleasure on and off the road. Our understanding instructors will build and pace the day to suit you and as well as enjoying the day, your lesson will include opportunities to:

·        learn what 4x4s are capable of.

·        learn what manoeuvres should be avoided.

·        test your newly acquired skills.

·        discover the varied course to the full

·        learn new tips and strategies

·        explore vehicle maintenance and safety checks

Choose Us for Off-Roading

Whether you are a novice or an experienced 4×4 driver or somewhere in between we can cater for your specific needs. We have something for everyone, one of our instructors will be on hand to guide you through your whole day ensuring that you have as much fun as possible whilst staying safe.

You will spend your session driving through woodlands, water and mud whilst you make your way around our course as you navigate around sharp bends, steep slopes and huge hills to see what our off-roading vehicles can really do.