Clay Pigeon Shooting Warwickshire

If you are looking for an amazing clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire, then look no further. Avalanche Adventure has the most impressive clay pigeon shooting layout with the best instructors. You need not have prior shooting experience to sign up for this one, because novice or not, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience, one that will have you coming back for more!

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Warwickshire

Spread across a beautiful estate in the West Midlands of England, Avalanche boasts the largest and the most versatile clay pigeon shooting ground. We are fully equipped to offer a remarkable range of targets for everyone right from the novice level to the seasoned professional in the aspect concerning the game as well as the clay disciplines.

At Avalanche Adventure, we know that our customers enjoy the thrill of clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire and better yet, you don’t actually need any experience to have a go! All our instructors are fully trained and will safely demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and accurately in an entirely calm and safe environment.

Our instructors are qualified to ensure that you are “on target” with the shotgun all in the safe confines of an environment which is shielded from rain, winds and the other elements all round the year.

Be it an individual or team building activity, private or corporate day event, when you sign up with us, you are in for the whole package. We provide you with all the essentials required for your clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire and our team will go out of their way to ensure that you have a truly fantastic experience. The best part is, with our professional clay pigeon shooting instructors; you do not have to break sweat about having any prior experience or to bring in your own equipment. All you have to do is wrap yourself up nice and warm and we will do the rest.

With 12 electric traps we can cater for all skill levels by offering a variety of clay pigeons. We provide both 12 and 20 bore shotguns suitable for men, women and children. This is an ideal activity on its own or as part of an Avalanche Adventure day out alongside a range of other activities.

The importance of a beginner’s first exposure to shooting cannot be taken lightly and at Avalanche, we understand that better than anyone else. We know that good initial instructions lay the groundwork for any new activity and its success. That’s why we have prepared a beginner’s guide to clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire for your reference in hopes that you will become the next top gun.

The first lesson that you have to learn with clay pigeon shooting is the way to correct and safe gun handling. The golden rule is to refrain from pointing a closed gun within 45 degrees of anybody or anything that is not clay pigeon (unless it’s in the air). Another thing to heed is to treat a closed gun as if it were loaded.

The next step is to ascertain whether you will be shooting right or left handed and if you will be shooting with one or both eyes open. You can establish your eye dominance with this simple test: Pick out an object across a room and point at it. Close your left eye and if you can still see the object at the end of your finger then you are right eye dominant. If the object has moved from where the end of your finger, then open your left eye and close your right. This has to be done without changing the position of your hand. If you are left eye dominant, the object will now be visible at the end of your finger.

Clay pigeon shooting has been a popular event in Britain for over 100 years. The qualified instructors at Avalanche will help you learn shoot a number of clays which mimic the flight of pigeons. Clays will be fired from a number of positions to test your shooting prowess. Try your best to learn to visualize the path of the clay and once you are correctly set up with the help of an instructor, trust your instinct. In some cases, you will have to shoot a bit ahead of the clay’s path which might seem very new at first, but with the development of your instinct, you’d be shooting clay pigeons down in no time at all.

Dressing sensibly considering the weather and time of the year is required. Shielding your ear and eye is extremely important as is ensuring that your footwear is sturdy as you need to be sure footed at all times when handling a gun.

At Avalanche, our clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire have traps that are laid out in a way that it accommodates all levels of experience and imitate a variety of shooting games. We tailor each of our clay shoots to match your ability and experience for you to find the event rewarding and challenging. As you become more experienced, you can progress to more challenging clays. We have 3 clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire packages on offer: 25 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 2-3 different clays) 50 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 3-4 different clays) 100 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 4-5 different clays) Take a look at the price list for each of packages mentioned above. You can very well opt to combine your clay pigeon shooting adventure with other exciting activities that we have in store. You can choose from Archery, Paintballing, Opposite Steer Buggy, Blindfold Driving etc. We are well known for the Quad Bike Safaris that we offer. Clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire is an activity that is both fun and adventurous as you explore the extent of your shooting skill. So, get in touch with us today to know more about and choose the package best suited for you!