How to Start Riding an ATV?

A person riding an ATV on a muddy terrain!

If you’ve ever imagined yourself zooming up and down muddy terrain while perched atop an ATV, then it’s time you learn how to start handling one!  At Avalanche Adventure, we know that there’s a lot you need to learn about an ATV before firing it up and hitting the off road trails. With that in […]

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Our Essential Quad Bike Maintenance Checklist

Man riding a red-coloured ATV on dirt terrain representing the importance of having a quad bike maintenance checklist

Just like cars and motorbikes, routine maintenance of your quad bike is necessary to ensure that it runs smoothly. What’s more, mud and other debris, when left to dry, can grind against your quad bike’s essential fixtures and fittings like brakes and chains, leading to corrosion. However, the servicing and maintenance required for a quad […]

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