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Sporting Clay Shoot Blog

1st Aug 2017

About Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting has been a celebrated event in Britain for over 100 years. It gained popularity because it refined the shooting skills of a huntsman and the targets in this sport are known as clay pigeons since they replace the pigeon itself.

This is a sport that can be easily enjoyed by anybody above the age of 12. Here at Avalanche Adventure we have our own Sporting Layout Automatic Traps and highly experienced, qualified instructors. There are three different packages that we offer and these include:

1)25 Sporting Clays- we recommend this for beginners using 3 basic targets.

2)50 Sporting Clays- for those who fancy more challenging targets and more time with our instructors.

3)100 Sporting Clays- this is for those that have shot before and maybe have the ‘bug’.

You may have observed this from Olympic Games that there are different disciplines in shooting that includes Skeet, Trap and Sporting. The primary objective of sporting is to simulate the huge variety of animal targets encountered in field shooting. A different type of target is offered from each stand from going away, incoming, crossing, rising or falling.

To make the sport more challenging targets can be launched in pairs or ‘pairs on report’. To engage both barrels, pairs are launched which is basically two clays released together. ‘Pairs on report’ is when a second target is released the moment you take your first shot.


There are some terms that you may hear from time to time at the shooting ground so it’s best that you get acquainted with them:

See a clay

Before you fire a shot from your shotgun you should see a clay from every stand to understand where it coming from and going to. This helps you to determine the best point for you to shoot the clay.

No Bird

A clay that didn’t launch properly so it doesn’t count

Safety Tips to follow

It could have been your first time at a shooting ground and the fact that you couldn’t shoot all the clay pigeons may have hurt your ego. But there’s always a room for improvement and all that you need to do is remember the following tips to ensure that you hit them all.

Be loyal to the Gun

When you sign up for clay pigeon shooting at an activity centre you will be provided with the entire gear. But if you intend to pursue clay pigeon shooting at a personal level then you may want to stick to just one gun. Experimenting with different guns each time you are shooting will not let you get improve your skills.

Find the gun that feels right in your hands, the one you’re able to hold exactly as you should. You should also stay loyal to a particular make of cartridges. The purpose here is that you should be absolutely comfortable because consistency is all that you need in this sport, or any sport for that matter. You should be so comfortable with your gun that it does not feel like you’re not holding a foreign object in your hand but a mere extension of your body.

Align the Eyes

Some people are comfortable at shooting with their one eye closed whereas for some it is with both eyes open. If you belong to the first category then the first step that you should take to become a better shooter is to find which eye is your dominant one. Do not jump to any conclusion that your right eye is dominant because you hold the pen in your right hand.

You should see for yourself which eye works best for you while taking aim and then pronounce it be your dominant eye. Shooting with both eyes open has many benefits such as the ability to use all of your peripheral vision. It enables you to pick up a target visually sooner than you would with one closed eye.

Watch and Learn

It becomes a lot more difficult to shoot the clay bird when you’re clueless about where it comes from and where it is going. Therefore it becomes necessary to watch the trajectory of the clay bird if you intend to shoot it. Good shooters can never become great unless they practice the technique of watching and learning.

A good way to practice this technique is to follow the path of the clay bird with a finger and trying to predict when it’s going to drop or fall or swing to its right or left.

The More you Practice the Luckier you will Get

Practice is the best way to improve at any endevour, whether it is an endurance sport or one that involves skill. As you keep practising your skill will naturally improve and your sub conscience will make the job a lot easier. Practice will also make you really comfortable with the gun. You will become used to holding the weight in your hands and help you to tackle the recoil of the gun in a much better way.

Even if you do not shoot often but merely hold the gun in your hand and try swinging it in different directions will help you in many ways. It may cause a pain in your arms but the road to becoming proficient at what you do is never easy.

Get in the Correct Stance

If there’s one thing that is extremely important in clay pigeon shooting it is learning how to focus. There are two things that will help you to focus effectively. Like we mentioned above merely holding the shotgun in your hand and practising the swing is a great way to start. The next thing you may want to consciously improve is the stance that you take while shooting. If you have an incorrect stance then you will miss many targets.

Focusing on the target is an advice that is easy to dismiss. Most shooters believe they are focusing on the target when in reality they are more bothered about whether they are looking down the barrel in the right way or not. Clay pigeon shooting is quite different from close range shooting that happens in an Olympic game where you need to hit bullseye. Since the object is so far you need to point better than you aim.

Since this game is more about pointing than aiming you need the right stance to help you point better. Your body should be aligned in a way with the gun that it feels like an extension of your body. The best way to achieve this is to stand with your back leg straight and front leg slightly bent. Leaning forward into the gun and bending a little at the waist can also make a huge difference.

If you wish to participate in this activity then contact us now and select your favourite clay shooting package.

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