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Pay and Play Day Sunday 19th March

14th Mar 2017

Pay and Play Day

A Pay and Play Dlandrover 4x4 experienceay is where people with Land rovers or modified 4x4’s are welcome to bring them to our site to pay for a whole day in the Quarry.

It is £22.00 per truck and £5 extra for any additional drivers. Avalanche Adventure also, has a café on site that serves basic but hot food and drinks.

There are several off- road sites in the UK with steep hills and open areas but some of the best venues have the use of old Quarries and wooded areas.


Here at Avalanche Adventure we focus our 4x4 driving around our 10-acre gravel quarry which has steep inclines and declines, including our manmade ponds.

To make it more interesting for our regulars we have the vintage caterpillar group in every year who update and repair our course.

For the more advanced 4x4 drivers we have a wooded section which includes 2 Bomb Holes for those who dare!!

As an established 4x4 site we also do a lot of work with 4x4 groups near and far. Who hire the Quarry out and challenge themselves. Our next Pay and Play Day is on Sunday 19th March.



18 Years and Over


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