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DTV Shredders

If you love mountain biking and off-roading then the DTV shredder is completely made for you. It redefines ‘off-road’ by transforming the outdoors into your personal playground. The shredder is the first true crossover vehicle for action and power sports. It is a mixture of tank, snowboard and motocross bike; the shredder is the first year-round all-terrain vehicle. It is like a personal power sports vehicle that allows you to drive through the hardcore terrain. The shredder is specially built for those who love an adrenaline rush and want to experience the outdoors in a whole new way.

Why DTV Shredders are so Popular?

DTV shredder is unlike anything that you have ever seen before. The vehicle is a combination of a skateboard, tank and Segway in one convenient package. It may look like a jet ski, but it is a formidable all-terrain vehicle that allows you to travel on any terrain. It is so effective at all-terrain travel that even the army has shown interest in them and have manufactured militarised versions of the shredder.

It is not only unique in its appearance but also in its functionality. Getting going on the shredder is really easy; you just have to hop on and give the thumb-throttle a little juice. Turning, however, is a bit more complicated. A DTV shredder comes with so many features that make it a dream machine for any petrol head or extreme sports lunatic.

The DTV shredder activity is breathing new life into off-road activities and it’s getting a great deal of attention from people, who have great knowledge of all-terrain vehicles and who love to ride off-road. It is also good for newcomers who want to explore new adventures and activity.

16 Years and Over

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We fancied doing something completely different than the normal quad biking or clay shooting. So we decided to have ago at the DTV Shredders. They are a unique and challenging extreme activity. We got a full hour on these quirky machines, my sides hurt from laughing so much. The Instruction was great and very easy to follow. We all had safety gear on and Bluetooth helmets so that the instructor could keep in contact with us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants something more challenging. Will definitely be coming back.

Some people think that the best way to handle rough terrain is with a bobble hat, knee-high socks, and thighs slathered. But, for some people it is a good chance to throw some magnificent tech into the mix and see what comes out. The shredder is the next generation of all-terrain vehicles. This rugged one-person vehicle pushes the competition into the long grass when it comes to handling tough terrain.

The shredder is unlike anything else on the planet; it is the craziest thing that you’ll ever ride off-road. It comes with two-tank treads, jet ski-like controls and the potential to conquer almost any terrain.

At Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre, we offer complete guidance regarding its features and specifications. We provide the body armour and protection required while riding the DTV shredder, also we supply helmet with built-in Bluetooth headsets to allow our instructor to communicate with the customer at all times.

DTV shredder is known to be one of the best team-building activities as it brings a team together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that the best way to create a bond between teams is a shredder activity.

The shredder activity is a great way to extract the best out of employees, teams or family members. Many people often think that it’s a waste of time and money to invest in such activities, but at Avalanche Adventure we think that it’s an investment which a team makes to work with greater efficiency and productivity. A DTV shredder activity helps employees, students, organisations in different ways.

We believe that a shredder ride activity actually works in making people stronger and more confident in achieving their life goals. We also believe that it can improve the communication between teams and we are proud to offer such activities to our customers. Before starting the shredder activity, our instructor will guide you through the whole process of this activity. Take a look at the major benefits of the shredder activity.

Collaboration and Innovation

A successful shredder activity doesn’t only bring people together, but also makes them more creative and collaborative. It offers a great chance to communicate with others and make people more comfortable. People often tend to have a larger and better imagination when they are around people, they are comfortable with.

Boost Team Performance

A good team building activity helps in improving workplace projects that involve teamwork and the shredder is the best choice for that activity. After completing a shredder ride together people understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests much better and also get to know what they are capable of. Developing such understanding between people helps them to work harder to achieve progress that is vital to an organisation.

Increases Team Efficiency

DTV shredder activity is helpful in increasing the team efficiency of a group. When a group is assigned a task and they complete the task rapidly and precisely in the given time, it shows their strength as a team. A team building activity like shredder ride helps people to better understand the capabilities of each other. And when people are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses; they can work with better coordination.

Challenging and Problem Solving

DTV Shredder is a challenging activity which encourages people to accept challenges and then achieve those challenges in time. People in the workplace often look for opportunities to challenge each other and determine their capabilities. At Avalanche adventure, we provide them that platform by offering a great DTV shredder activity which is not an easy task to accomplish. Also, a team building activity like the DTV shredder helps employees in identifying major problems and to find their solutions by working together. When a team works well together, it allows employees to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions and their ideas to senior employees. It is beneficial for an organisation when they receive a variety of proposals that come from successful groups.


Participating in such exercises like DTV shredder will give employees a lot of confidence. And it’s not just about confidence; sometimes people have difficulty in trusting a person for performing a particular task. Activities like this will help you build a degree of confidence and trust in their abilities. The shredder activity at Avalanche adventure is very helpful in instilling that confidence into you and your colleagues.


When a team wins a game; it makes them celebrate their victory and have fun. Winning a game motivates them to win even more. This extreme illustration shows that the celebration, cheering, and fun that comes with such activity can motivate employees to take their performance to the next level.

The DTV shredder was invented by a Canadian who meshed together a tank and a snowboard. Some people link the shredder to a Segway because of the stance, but it’s more like skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing. The good thing about shredder is that it is not much difficult to handle compared to other off-road vehicles.

An awesome blend of tank, skateboard and motocross bike, the shredder is almost certainly the first year-round all-terrain vehicle. The shredder is specially designed with advanced technology; it has two aggressive tank treads, skateboard deck and consist of a powerful 4-stroke 196cc engine which makes it capable of travelling through sand, snow and even mountainsides at high speed.

The shredder is unlike anything else on the planet, and before delving into the riding experience of the shredder and the falling impressions, let’s take a look beneath that immense skateboard-style deck and figure out what makes it go.


Riding a shredder is unexpectedly intuitive and it is very similar to riding a jet ski. Give it some throttle and it smoothly starts rolling but leans to the left and it glides to the left. The key thing to remember is that just like a jet ski you must make sure you give it throttle otherwise it will not turn. The amazing fact about the shredder is that it can be quite exhausting for you to ride. It is rather like learning to snowboard in that respect. As you’re standing up and rocking left and right, you end up using a lot of energy in the same way as you would on a snowboard. Consequently, the more aggressive the ride the more physically demanding it becomes. The shredder is very intuitive as compared to the snowboarding as snowboarding takes some time to get to grips. But once you get to know how to use the throttle and deck, you will be gliding around the road or mountain within a few minutes.


Things get trickier when the going gets tough. While the shredder does have some suspension, its travel is very limited. Conquer your exhaustion and you quickly realize that the shredder has an incredible amount of grip. It will scuttle up near-vertical surfaces, vault over rocks and tree branches and scream through mud and puddles without losing a bit of steam. The real limitations here have more to do with the rider than the shredder.

As you take the shredder wherever you point it, you understand that the real task is to stay on the shredder. The incredibly short wheelbase means that if you accelerate too hard without leaning forward, it will throw you off the back. If you brake too hard, you will go over the handlebars and if you turn the shredder too hard, you will find yourself on the road.

The Ride:

The DTV shredder is relatively easy to ride at low speeds, much simpler than a dirt bike. This means it’s also easy to get in over your head should you get a bit too generous with that throttle. Just ride within your abilities and the shredder is a ton of fun to ride.

The dual track vehicle shredder is a brand new type of an off-road vehicle and is very powerful and useful for outdoor sports. It is also known as tank skateboard, tank snowboard, X tank or more amusingly a Segway on steroids. It is a compact and powerful vehicle which can be driven in any weather condition making it a truly unique off-road vehicle. So why wait any longer to ride this monster. Book your tickets for experiencing the most thrilling ride of your life.

At Avalanche Adventure, we understand what kind of adventure a person is looking for, that’s why we offer those activities which make a person more enthusiastic. Our activity centre is built across an area of 400 acres and situated in the centre of England.

Our DTV shredders are tested by experts and are perfect for your off-road ride. We have experienced and qualified instructors who will tell you everything about the vehicle before starting your ride.

The shredder can reach up to 30mph, but the speed is not the concern here, controlling the shredder is, as it is tiring and challenging. The rider can use their body movements to steer and control the shredder.

To offer a secure and crazy ride, we supply the body armour and protection to the rider as required. We also supply helmets with built-in Bluetooth headsets to allow our instructor to communicate with the customer at all times.

We provide all facilities to our customers for their comfort, refreshment and shelter from the elements. We have built air-conditioned log cabins at our activity centre and a large lawn area which is used for barbeques, picnics, prize giving, and team building events and camping.

Apart from offering DTV shredder ride, we provide many other activities which you can combine with your shredder ride such as Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Bike Safari, Paintballing, Land Rover Off Road Driving and many more. So what are you waiting for, gather your squad and book a ticket to experience something you’ve never experienced before.