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Blindfold Driving

Blindfold Driving is a great stag/hen or corporate activity that requires skill, teamwork, communication and most of all, patience.

Blindfold Driving is a challenging yet fun team building activity for a minimum of 4 people. Perfect for teams who want to improve the way they communicate with each other. Using one of our Land Rover Defenders,  the driver sets it in to second gear and just leaves the Land Rover to drive itself no accelerator, clutch or brake needed except at the end of the lap.. With one team member blindfolded, the other team member must navigate the driver around our course using clear and direct instructions. It is amazing how quickly people forget their left and rights!! We allow each member of the team to practice and then they get timed on their last lap. The quickest time wins.


To begin the Blindfold Driving, a qualified instructor will take you through a quick 10 minute brief about the activity and will take you around our Blindfold Drive course which is made out of tyres. When driving around our Blindfold Drive course the tyres act as obstacles and each team should navigate the driver around these tyres to prevent getting time penalties. Don’t worry!! You aren’t left alone. An instructor will be close at all tyres to help you with the operation of the controls of our Land Rover Defenders. Blindfold Driving is definitely a challenging activity.

(Minimum of 4 people)

14 Years and Over

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It is the weirdest thing ever to be blindfolded and driving a Landrover. We had a lot of fun trying to navigate Each other around the course of tyres without hitting too many. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much. The instructor was very calming as he walked around with everyone to make sure we were all safe. Cant wait to go again.