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We at Avalanche prefer to use the term team development to the more familiar team building.

Top 5 Team Building Activities:

  • Blindfold Driving
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Electric Triangles
  • Quad Limbo
  • Atomic Bomb

The notion of 'building' can become a bit mechanical; something which is 'done to' the team from outside. Our perspective is that teams develop by being offered opportunities to share and work together.

To work effectively as a team you need agreement on exactly what sort of team you are: what are the goals, what each member's role is, and who needs to work closely with whom. Sometimes it can simply be learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it can be a little more challenging, working through difficulties within the team or defining how a team communicates.

Our expertise is in creating effective team development, leadership training and outdoor management development exercises that unlocks the potential for your team’s exceptional performance.

Here at Avalanche we are not just an activity centre that has decided to offer team development. We are an organisation that has training at its heart. We have CIPD qualified staff that have over 20 years experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations.

We use many recognised development theories to underpin each activity, and can work closely with your organisation to dove tail into your strategic development plan, incorporating your main theories and tools. Outdoors does not mean just big and macho, we stretch the mind a lot more than we do the body.

We use memorable, highly retentive experiential team and leadership development projects designed to engage participants in the exploration of potential for themselves and their organisation. These learning events can then be developed and built upon by you back in your organisation, through PDP’s, action plans and task orientated team projects.

12 Years and over.

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Great Customer Service and very welcoming. The Giant Jigsaw and Blindfold driving are especially challenging and are loads of fun. The buffet was very good loads of selection and the Victoria sponge was amazing. Would definitely come again.

  • Swinging Bridge
  • Communication skills are vital
  • Analyse your performance

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