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Stag Do Locations

So you’ve been given the big task and huge responsibility of organising the perfect stag do to send off the "soon to be groom" with some unforgettable memories. Don’t panic! We at Avalanche Adventure are here to rescue you.

You can do better than planning a party in indoor stag do locations and we’ve got ways to show you how. Forego the clichéd stag do parties and kick things up a notch to give your best mate a stag party that’s truly memorable.

Plan smartly; think of adventurous, adrenaline-pumping excursions, relaxation and one-of-a-kind experiences. This would enable you to organise a party in amazing stag do locations, where the groom and the stags can have an amazing time while doing adventurous outdoor activities.

Avalanche Adventure have been in the business of offering the best stag do locations for several years now and we’ve organised enough stag dos to know what works and what doesn’t. So, you’re in safe hands with us!

If you are clueless about where to start then just use our handy tips below. They’ll see you through it step-by-step and you’ll be long known for organising the perfect stag do ever in the best stag do locations.

Choosing Stag Do Locations

Planning a stag do in the UK and want to consider stag to do locations which are a little bit out of the ordinary? Avalanche Adventure activity centre is exactly what you need.

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities in the ideal stag do locations for parties and events.

Our activity centre is located in the middle of the country between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, just off the M1 allowing us to cover a plethora of adventurous activities ranging from quad biking to clay pigeon shooting.

You would hardly find a man who doesn't like adventurous rides and shooting games. If your stag is an adrenaline junkie or outdoor enthusiast, it cannot get any better than this.

Stag do locations in Leicester

At Avalanche Adventure, we are proud to offer our 400-acre activity centre in Leicester which is the perfect location for a stag to enjoy being young, free and single before getting hitched.

Located in the picturesque scenery of the Leicestershire countryside; we have been building our activity centre in Leicester for the best part of two decades now, and we’re proud of what we’ve created along with our ability to make our customers feel special.

Stag Do Events

How does our activity centre offer perfect stag do locations?

Apart from the picturesque stag do locations and unforgettable activities, our activity centre has brand new air conditioned log cabins aiming to offer you a comforting refreshment area. This installation is just another one of our efforts to make our activity centre in Leicester an eco-friendly place.

All of our adventurous activities are within a 5-minute stroll from our newly refurbished reception area. We welcome guests at our activity centre in Leicester to encourage a friendly, fun environment.

We constantly improve and clean our equipment to ensure that we meet the highest safety standards, always looking for new ways to improve our services.

We have very knowledgeable instructors on site who provide expert tutelage to all the boys willing to have fun. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, so whether you’re doing archery or blazing a trail on a quad bike, you can rest easy knowing we have ensured you’re as safe as you can be.

We have always been a family friendly place and in addition to offering adrenaline pumping action in thrilling stag do locations; we also allow barbeques and camping on our lawn areas. We know that slowing things down for quality time with the stag is just as important.

Stag Do Leicestershire

Choosing Stag Do Activities

Apart from choosing the perfect stag do locations, you will really want some exhilarating activities to blow away those cobwebs, get the adrenaline pumping and make those long unforgettable stories for the wedding speeches.

The stag do adventure activities we offer include:

Our action packed activities in the natural stag do locations provided by us are guaranteed to provide the adrenaline, fun and laughs that make a stag party one remember.

Our quality equipment and fun attitude ensure that you’ll have a great stag do party day and be ready for a great night camping to finish the day off. Our activities are flexible, so we can be sure to meet your requirements within your budget and not cut out any of the fun.

Have a look at our activities below and we are always ready to help with your own packages you may wish to set up.

Quad bike safari-

The safari adventure includes a variety of fast open ground, challenging woodland terrain and technical hilly sections around our 400-acre site stag do locations at our activity centre.

We provide expert guide to ensure guests achieve the most from their Honda 250cc quad bikes. The quad bikes are fitted with an easy to use semi-automatic foot shift gear system, which makes them fun to ride in mud, watery surface or even woods, making it a perfect stag do activity for the boys looking for some adrenaline rush.

We offer a variety of safari options, from a 1-hour trek around the farm’s woods to our advanced 2-hour course which includes a trek and advanced tuition and our technical tough terrain section.


Clay Pigeon Shooting-

At Avalanche Adventure, we know the thrill of clay pigeon shooting, and you do not need to have any prior experience to come and have a go!

Our experienced instructors will demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and accurately in a pressure free environment.

The clay pigeon traps are positioned to accommodate all levels of experience and simulate a variety of specific game. We tailor each clay shoot to match your ability and experience so that you find the event rewarding and challenging. As your experience grows, stags can progress to more challenging clays.

This is an ideal activity on its own or as part of a stag do alongside other activities.

We provide appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather in the natural stag do locations.


Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat purposes. These days it’s most popular as a sport and as a hobby.

Our 15-metre outdoor range in scenic stag do locations is specifically designed for archery practice using bows with a draw weight from 12 to 22 pounds; ensuring that we cater our archery services to a cross section of interested parties.

We provide left and right handed bows and our dedicated team of qualified instructors provide essential archery instruction for beginners all the way to more advanced participants. During our time in business, archery has proved to be one of our most popular activities.

We provide archery for a range of different events; if you’re looking for a corporate or a stag or hen do with a difference then look no further than archery here at Avalanche Adventure.

Blindfold Driving-

Blindfold Driving is a great stag do; it’s an activity that requires skill, teamwork, communication and most of all, patience.

Blindfold Driving is a challenging yet fun team building activity for a minimum of 4 people. Perfect for stags who want to improve the way they communicate with each other.

Using one of our Land Rover Defenders, the driver sets it into second gear and just leaves the Land Rover to drive itself with no accelerator, clutch or brake needed except at the end of the lap.

With one team member blindfolded, the other team member must navigate the driver around our course in the perfect stag do locations using clear and direct instructions. It is amazing how quickly people forget their lefts and rights!

We allow each member of the team to practice and then they get timed on their last lap. The quickest time wins. Doesn't it sound like ultimate fun for the soon to be the groom before entering into a settled married life?

Hover crafting-

Ever fancied trying something very exhilarating with a difference? Well, how about hovercraft experiences at unexplored stag do locations in the UK?

Unlike any other vehicle, the hovercraft floats on a cushion of air so it is a very different and unusual sensation.

With the crafts basic controls of a throttle and a rudder, there are no brakes! You need to be forward thinking and have a good judgment to guide yourself smoothly and accurately around the course. Where you think you should slow down you actually need to accelerate!


Paintball games are one of the most exciting sports in the UK today.

At Avalanche Adventure, paintball games can be played by two or more teams in rough woodland. Specially prepared game sites including The Convoy, Castle Camelot and much more enable teams to battle for supremacy.

The games are only as energetic as most normal sports and can be the perfect activity for a stag do. Stealth, strategy, teamwork and initiative are just some of the requirements in order to be victorious.

Paintballing is run at our sister site 3 miles away in picturesque stag do locations and can add as part of any package.

We also provide log cabins to offer the stag do participants comfort, refreshments and shelter. So when you come back from a long day filled with fun, you have a place for barbeques and camping to end the unforgettable day on a good note.

Tips to Organise a Perfect Stag Do

Finalise the Date

Firstly, you need to ensure that you’ve absolutely got the correct date for the wedding. Speak to the groom and find out how long before the wedding he would like to go for the stag do.

In our experience, a good rule of thumb is to aim for about 2 weeks prior to the wedding. Then make sure you provide people plenty of notice so that others can make arrangements.

Invite People

You’ll be responsible for inviting everyone to the decided stag do locations and trust us, you don’t want to leave this until the last minute.

Speak to the groom to see who he wants to invite but consider friends from your usual crowd as well, maybe from his hometown, school, college, work etc. Don’t forget to invite family members; it’s especially important to invite any of the bride’s family that you find fit to come. Bride’s brothers and father are the obvious choices here.

You don’t want to sadden the bride by leaving her family members out. Although it sounds like you need to invite everyone including their dog, don’t do that. It’s best if the stag party doesn’t turn into a larger group but you do need to consider all of the above and work out who the groom wants to invite.

Planning the Stag Do

Next, you’ll need to figure out what it is that you’re going to do to see the groom off properly. Guests will want to know about activities and the stag do locations. That’s why you need to plan things meticulously.

The first thing to do here is to speak to the groom and see if there is anything in particular that he would like to do. There are so many fresh ideas out there and it is where we at avalanche adventure come into play, offering amazing activities at the outstanding stag do locations. It has become very popular to plan an array of activities for everyone to enjoy and make it a memorable day for all the boys.

Booking the Stag Do

Once you have a plan in place, an idea of costs and a guest list, you’ll need to get the desired stag do locations booked as soon as possible.

Find out what deposits you need to secure your activities and get it booked in. The sooner people commit with deposits, the more serious they get about going and you can all get excited.

Stag Do Locations

How Far Is Too Far?

When the big night comes around, the soon to be groom is often dreading it. The reason for this is a long history of ‘unusual’ or funny things happening to the stag.

Plan your fun but ensure to respect the groom. Find out what his limits are and don’t overstep those limits. As much fun as the whole thing is for everyone else, you don’t want the stag do to be remembered for all of the wrong things for years to come.

The Most Important Thing

Look after the groom! You’ve been asked to organise the stag do because he trusts you. You know him well and the responsibility is on you. By all means, have a lot of fun but never forget to keep your focus centred on the groom. Make sure he has what he needs.

There you go, now you’re equipped to plan the perfect stag do and take the glory for years to come.

At Avalanche Adventure, we take the hassle out of organising and finding perfect stag do locations by making every single arrangement on your behalf.

All inclusive and value for money as the stag do experts we arrange everything for you and take the strain so that the stag and his friends can enjoy! This includes accommodation, activities in perfect stag do locations and buffet lunch.

The only thing you need to do is turn up at our exceptional stag do locations!

Contact us now for booking the perfect stag do activities for once in a lifetime stag do experience.

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