Quad Biking Venues

If you are thinking about experiencing a Quad Biking thrill, Avalanche Adventure calls forth all mud loving, adventure seeking adrenaline junkies. Our quad biking venues are at the ready with weather conditions ideal to get out and go on your Quad Biking Adventure.

Experience the most varied and exciting quad bike adventure in the country with Avalanche. If it is raining, get ready for a muddy splash and when there is sun get ready for the sweat as every season is ideal to get on the quad biking venues.

Quad Bike Safari is the most popular Quad Biking experience and is designed for individuals who have no or little previous experience and who crave to feel the thrill of riding through tough terrain on an escorted safari.

Quad Biking is a fun and adventurous activity that can be done individually or as a team. Quad biking can be done in an open space in muddy areas, forest trails or rocky hills which are well suited for a quad safari.

In order to make quad biking more exciting it can be done in unique wooded quarries, orchards and open fields. Team members can have fun splashing around in mud and bouncing off terrains.

Quad Bike Safari

Safari adventure in our quad biking venues includes a variety of fast open ground with c technical trails spread over 400 acres of site.

Our qualified instructors will ensure that you receive expert tuition and get the most from the Honda 250cc quad bikes which you will be riding. These quad bikes are fitted with an easy to use semi automatic foot-shift gear system which makes them fun and adaptable for all age groups.

A variety of safari options are available on our quad biking venues from hour long treks around the farm’s woods to an advanced two hour long course which includes a trek and advanced tuition and also our technical tough terrain section.

The minimum age for the safari adventure is 12 years old. Each safari can be tailored in an age specific manner, ability and also the experience of the participating group.

You do not have to worry about the essentials like protective clothing and equipment as Avalanche Adventure will provide you with these while you are preparing to get muddy in our quad biking venues.

We advise well in advance that anyone participating in this adventure must wear appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, and trainers depending on the weather at the time. At times, you will be required to change your footwear and socks after the event due to excessive puddle splashing.

On completion of a quad bike safari adventure, you can be regarded as an experienced quad biker. This roughly means that the quad adventure would be ideal for your next visit as you will have previous experience to your credit.

You will then be allocated with a quad bike from the outset with less amount of time spent on training which certainly means more time for quad biking.

When you give in to the Quad Biking fever, you will want to experience it whenever you can, irrespective of the weather conditions.

If you are a beginner, come to us and learn a valuable quad biking lesson that you will not forget. Come to us even if you are an experienced quad biker and experience the sheer thrill of quad biking all over again at our quad biking venues.

Quad Biking Venues

Experience Quad Biking with Friends and Family

If you have an upcoming event like a birthday or a stag do or hen do party or a special family occasion, you can treat yourself, your family and friends by enrolling into our adventure and giving them the gift of a quad biking experience!

It is unique and adventurous; a gift that will be memorable. Couples with a taste for thrill can also opt for quad biking sessions with us.

Our quad biking venues will provide you with an event that will cater to your requirements whether you are visiting as an individual, a family, or a group of friends, or even as a corporate outing. Come prepared for a unique quad biking experience fuelled by adrenaline throughout the day.

Make sure that you are wearing loose fitting clothes that you do not mind getting dirty at all as you are in for one heck of a muddy day out spent quad biking in our venues.

Reasons to go Quad Biking

When you are thinking to go on a quad biking adventure, Leicestershire is an obvious choice, especially if you are based in or around London.

The perfectly suited terrain and the quad racing credentials make quad biking venues in LLeicestershire an amazing choice for your quad bike experience. 

Listed below are reasons that are guaranteed to convince you to go quad biking with Avalanche Adventure in Leicestershire.

Suitable Climate

So, we are not claiming to have a Mediterranean climate, but when you come to quad bike in Leicestershire you have fairly better chances of a good weather than in other parts of the country.

Located in the Midlands region in England, Leicestershire is a county that has a pleasantly temperate maritime climate with typical warm rather than hot summers and cool to cold winters making it more suitable for outdoor adventures.

Leicestershire has rarely experienced very extreme weather which means our quad biking venues can be visited anytime throughout the year.

Fantastic Terrain

Avalanche Adventure has a remarkable amount of open space and the variety of terrain is excellent for quad biking.

We have terrains consisting of muddy farmland areas and rocky hills that contribute to a varied and demanding quad safari.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have trails that cover 400 acres of land including wooden quarries, orchards and open fields making the most of the quad biking venues that we have.

Stunning views

An appetite for thrill, action and adventure is what attracts an individual to quad biking venues. You are in for a treat as our quad biking venues possess scenic beauty which one can enjoy whilst quad biking. You get a chance to truly appreciate the beautiful views of a rolling countryside after you and your squad have mastered the tricky trails.

These reasons will drive you to come have a quad biking adventure of your own. You can take advantage of the diversity that our terrains present, the beautiful views and mild climate perfect for quad biking.

Personal Protective Equipment for ATV Rider Safety

Quad bikes are also known as an All Terrain Vehicle or ATV vehicle as it travels on low pressure tyres. It is very important that safety is considered first and foremost before getting on a quad bike. Avalanche Adventure will provide you with all the necessary equipment and substantial training before you can begin your adventure in our quad biking venues.

We give you an overview of safety whilst driving an ATV vehicle.

A helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear that you must definitely wear. A good helmet can help prevent serious head injuries.

Snug fitting of a helmet is of utmost importance in order to offer maximum protection possible. Ensure that your helmet is securely fastened and is comfortable before you enter the quad biking venues.

Goggles or Face Shield

In order to ride safely, you must be able to see clearly. Riding without eye protection can be risky.

Objects such as rocks, branch or even a flying bug that hits you in the face can be distracting and if it hits your eye you could sustain severe injuries.

Regular glasses do not provide sufficient protection when riding a quad bike.

Avalanche Adventure provides goggles or face shield that will offer sufficient eye protection and which is:

Free from any kind of scratches and is manufactured under BS4110 OZA 
Fastened securely
Tinted for riding on bright days and clear enough for night riding.
Other important equipment required while out on quad biking venues are mentioned below:


Quad Venues UK


Avalanche Adventure provides quality gloves that will help prevent your hands from getting sore, tired or cold.

Off-road style gloves provide excellent combination of comfort and protection. These gloves are padded over the knuckle area for extra protection.


In order to prevent your feet from slipping off the footrests, minimum protective footwear is required. This is basically a pair of over-the-ankle boots with low heels which will diminish the chances of slipping. Off-road style over-the-calf quad bike or motorcycle boots provide the best protection for feet, ankle and legs.


While at quad biking venues, prioritize on protecting your skin from scratches. Wearing loose fitting and long sleeved sweater or jersey, shirt or T-shirt paired with long trousers are ideal for the rider’s protection.

General Handling Tips for Quad Bikes
These tips will be of assistance not only when you are with us having your adventure, but also when you are out and about and may come across a chance to do quad biking.

The tips are as follows:

Most quad bikes have no differential which is why they cannot be handled in the same way like other machines. This means that when you try turning your vehicle, the quad bike tries to keep going in a straight line.

When riding near corners on a quad bike with no differential or with an engaged differential lock, your body weight requires to be positioned in a way that depends on the sharpness of the corner and the speed at which you are going.

Proper positioning of the body allows you to transfer weight to the outside of the turn through the footrests while using the torso to maintain balance. This lets the wheel located on the inside to slightly skid and make the turn correctly.

When going uphill in quad biking venues, it is important to review the route before initiating the climb. Moving your weight forward helps maintain a steady speed.

It is important to shift the body weight forward as much as possible. If required, stand up and lean forward while keeping both feet on the footrests at all times and always maintain steady momentum.

Why Choose Quad Biking with Avalanche Adventure?

At Avalanche, awarding every individual with an experience of a lifetime is the core of all the activities that we offer to unleash the potential of everyone participating. We have CIPD qualified staff that have over 20 years experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations. Our qualified experts stretch the mind a lot more than the body for strategic development all the while incorporating your main theories and tools.

We assure you of an experience that you will forever remember. We pride ourselves on the personal and friendly connect that we have with our clients.

If you are looking for an out of the box and fun activity for your team involving our quad biking venues and much more, then Avalanche Adventure is your one stop shop for top notch entertainment at budget friendly prices.

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