Quad Biking Activity Days

Deciding to go for quad biking activity days is a wonderful idea, whether you are looking for a stag party activity, a corporate team building event, or a fun family day out in the outdoors.

With Avalanche adventure, you can experience the most varied and exciting quad biking activity days in the country. You don't need to have any experience with quad biking to get out there and enjoy a fantastic experience.

Our quad bikes are fitted with an easy to use semi-automatic foot shift gear system, which makes them fun and adaptable for all ages. Even if there are some novices in your group, they will be taught by our experts to control their machines with some training at the beginning of the session.

What Is Quad Biking All About?

A quad bike or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a four-wheeled open off-road motorised vehicle designed for off-road driving experiences.

This modern day machine was built way back in 1893 by Royal Enfield for horseless carriage driving and has been continuously improved, resulting in our all-terrain vehicles that move on low-pressure tyres; these bikes are easy to control and drive. 

The powerful 250cc engine of our Honda quad bike helps this machine to race to a minimum speed limit of 20mph to a whopping 80mph speed. Weighing around 500 kilos, the machine can move easily on a selection of off-road courses, through mud, water, dirt, and even woodland.

The biking experiences during quad biking activity days are not a countryside drive - these are more of engine growling and adrenaline pumping drives around purpose-built off-road tracks that are absolutely perfect for ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) action. Forget all about traffic lights, white lines and zebra crossings, and all urban things for hours of insanity on these powerful quads.

What Do You Need To Know About Quad Biking Activity Days Out?

Quad biking activity days are a popular adventurous pursuit among all age groups. Quad bike events are one of the most promising motorised events for all group types and skill levels. Whether you are looking for activity days out, a corporate event, or a team building day, this driving event will be a perfect choice. 

The Quad biking activity days include adventurous events in a variety of fast open ground, challenging terrain and technical sections around our 400-acre site.

The choice of outdoor quad biking courses during quad biking activity days makes this fun sport more interesting and challenging. You’ll be driving on a number of trails including overhead bridges, water splash drives, tight corners, bumpy grounds, large circular tracks, muddy ditches and a choice of other courses.

The minimum age for the safari adventure is 12 years old. Each activity can be tailored to suit the age, ability and experience of the group. At Avalanche Adventure, we provide all essential protective clothing/equipment to ensure the safety of our guests, so you can enjoy a fun time driving with your family and friends.

Why Do We Recommend Quad Biking Activity Days Out?

Going for quad biking activity days out is a fun way to do something different with your kids, family and friends. You can try it any time round the year, and you don’t even have to be a seasoned driver to give it a try.

Quad bikes are perfect for all, from driving enthusiasts to non-drivers. We have a wide choice of driving courses, so make the most of it with friends and enjoy a great time driving these off-road machines. You can make it a multi-activity day and even combine it with our other fun-filled daytime events such as clay shooting and archery.

You might have tried many motor events, but going on a quad biking activity days and driving these zipping quad bikes will be something you’ll remember forever. Powered by a 250cc engine, you can race them over 50mph, run them on mud, dirt, water or woods.

With professional instructors to guide, you can enjoy a hassle-free driving session on these powerful off-road motorised machines. All you need to do is put your safety gear on and head out to those challenging driving courses.

For days out in the country with a difference, we highly recommend booking in for quad biking activity days. If you are a first-timer, don’t worry, we will get you on the track in no time. And believe us; they are nothing like a motorbike or a moped, as they are way more stable with those four chunky wheels on each corner giving you perfect grip on all types of terrains.

The choice of trusty stead for your mud-filled adventure is really vital, as it can be the difference between you struggling to get the thing into gear and simply whizzing off like a pro from the word “go”.

One thing all riders appreciate is no clutch in the Honda 250cc quad bikes. These modern machines have clever semi-automatic gear changing, so there'll be no over-revving or stalling. This makes it more fun for the ones who do not know to drive any vehicle, especially when you are have planned days out with your family, having younger members in it. It is also possible to tailor the quad biking activity day suitable for the kids, minimum of 12 years old.

Quad Venues UK

Quad biking has its own health benefits.

The first ever comprehensive probe of the fitness and health benefits of ATV and off-road motorcycle (ORM) recreational riding showed that riding is as good as it feels.

The study

The study conducted by the York University Faculty of Health, co-supported by the Government of Nova Scotia and 3 riding associations,  began with a countrywide survey to determine the 'typical' rider.

The researchers observed over 128 riders, divided into 6 groups: 3 age classifications, male and female. Using advanced monitoring devices, they measured the physical effects: heart rate; oxygen consumption; muscle fatigue and exertion, etc of the riders.

The findings

While riding, riders' use of oxygen increased by 3.5 to 6 times more than their level at rest. That's 600% more! And according to standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine that constitutes intense physical activity.

A typical ATV ride was 2-3 hours; ORM was 1-2 hours. The amount of work required in the upper body and arms, if practised frequently, was enough to increase muscle and skeletal fitness.

Researchers also noticed the enhanced quality of life and stress reduction in the riders. This might surprise you but the findings did not surprise the riders who frequently went for quad biking activity days out.

So, if you are stressed out due to monotonous work or any other problems in life and looking for ways to break the monotony, quad biking could be a stress buster for you. Go for quad biking experience and you will be back to home all rejuvenated from quad biking activity days out.

What Are The Activities To Do On Quad Biking Activity Days?

We offer a variety of safari options, from a 1-hour trek around the farm’s woods to our advanced 2-hour course which includes a trek, advanced tuition and our technical tough terrain section.

In all cases, you'll have a familiarisation session where you're shown around the bike, given instructions about the controls and the safety procedures, before hopping onboard and having a go in the practice paddock. 

This gives you the chance to get a hang of it with the controls and get a feel of how they steer and handle. So, by the time you are lining up for the main event, you'll feel confident and ready as a competent quad rider.

As for the trails you'll be hitting, we say you'll need to expect the unexpected. We have got treks, a tricky circuit that involves everything from metal seesaws to limbo bars and a safari that'll take your breath away.

If you choose a quad bike experience on tracks and trails, you will be following the leader as your host rides on their machine in front to guide the pack.

Upon opting for a race day, will find themselves on a manmade circuit with other bikes, all racing against the clock. On the obstacle course experiences, the challenge is to perform a clean round without knocking anything over or messing up on any of the modules. 

There is nothing better than trying all of this one by one try all on different days of your quad biking activity days. Treks, safari and obstacles race all can be tailored to suit the age, ability and experience of the group.

Quad Biking Venues

Why Choose Avalanche Adventure For Quad Biking Activity Days?

At Avalanche Adventure we offer a wide range of activities. We are located right in the centre of England on the Northamptonshire and Leicestershire border.

We have been working on making the best activity centre for quad biking activity days in the country for two decades. Now, we’re proud of what we’ve created and our ability to make our customers feel special.

How Is Our Activity Centre In Leicester Different?

All of our quads biking activities are within a 5-minute stroll from our newly refurbished reception area. We welcome spectators at our activity centre in Leicester to encourage a friendly, family orientated environment for quad biking activity days.

We constantly improve and clean our equipment to ensure that we meet the highest safety standards; always looking for new and exciting ways to improve our services.

We have very knowledgeable instructors on site who provide expert guidance to all of our customers. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, so when you are on a trail with the quad bike, you can rest easy and enjoy the experience knowing we have ensured you’re as safe as you can be.

Our Facilities

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and giving you the best experience we can, from free tea and coffee facilities to tailoring unique packages to suit different customers’ requirements.

Our new air conditioned log cabin offers you comfort, refreshments and shelter from the elements. In front of our new building is our large lawn area; this is used for barbeques, picnics, prize giving, team building events and camping.

We provide up to date safety equipment for any of our activities that require it, and our ex-military gortex overalls will keep the worst of the mud off of your clothes. We don't provide footwear! So please bring weather appropriate footwear and a change of clothes if the weather is inclement.

Our customer based approach has always been one that ensures that we put our customer’s first; we love to feel as though we’ve given our customers a great time that will keep them coming back again and again for quad biking activity days.

Contact us today to book a Quad Biking experience that you. Your friends and family will remember for a long time.

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