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Off Roading Warwickshire


Here at Avalanche Adventure, we offer off roading in Warwickshire. Whether you are a novice or experienced driver, we can tailor a route to suit your own ability. By using one of our off road prepared vehicles we can guarantee you an unforgettable experience.


Off Roading Warwickshire: Why choose Us?


Off Roading in Warwickshire can give you the opportunity to experience a 4x4 vehicle to its full potential whether you drive professionally or for pleasure. As one of the foremost adventure experiences in the UK, Avalanche Adventure is the perfect option for your off roading adventure experience. Our track comprises of hard and soft ground, steep inclines, shallow and deep water, side slopes, axle twisters and a wooden section.


There is every type of terrain you are ever likely to come across, when it comes down to the lesson, one of our experienced instructors will be able to give you a quick demonstrative drive to explain how to drive the vehicle and tackle certain obstacles. Then you’re all set for the session where you will be guided around our quarry by one of our instructors.


Avalanche Adventure for Off Roading Warwickshire


As well as our wide range of equipment that allows your team to be involved in a mind-blowing experience, our personal and friendly approach allows us to work closely with our clients to create an unforgettable experience.


So if you are looking for off roading in Warwickshire and the surrounding areas, Avalanche Adventure can meet all your event needs and provide you with top class entertainment using the best equipment.

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