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Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies

Our 800m race circuit offers the challenge of racing around a slippery, muddy and wet track. Challenge your friends in a time trial competition or just have fun racing on the track.

Gemini Liberator 400cc race buggies feature full roll cage, three point harness and fully independent suspension. They are fast, exhilarating and highly responsive machines. We will provide you with all necessary safety clothing, equipment and training.

Individual rides last for around 30 minutes based on 4 people sharing 2 Buggies for a 1 hour session.

We can run up to 3 buggies at any one time in a pursuit format (not wheel to wheel!) if the size of the group requires us to do so.

We advise that anyone taking part wears appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather. Sometimes a change of footwear and socks is required after the event due to excessive puddle splashing!


12 Years and over

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A group of us went to Avalanche Adventure on a girls day out and we decided to do the Gemini Race Buggies. We all got a long practice session and then we went into a pursuit style race to see who get the best time. It was great fun and definitely would recommend to those petrol heads out there.

  • Professional Track
  • Lumps and Jumps!
  • Race for the best lap time
  • On our purpose built track
  • You wont be clean for long

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