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Avalanche Adventure

Corporate Days Out

Are you noticing droopy shoulders around the office? Do you think your employees need to get a spring back in their steps? Sounds like the perfect time for a corporate day out.

If you want to reduce the amount of stress that your employees are burdened with, give them a change of scenery from their everyday schedule, and inculcate team spirit and bonding amongst your employees. Avalanche Adventure provides the perfect opportunity to do all of this whilst having a great time and making fantastic memories.

Avalanche Adventure presents corporate days out as the perfect solution to all the above questions for you and your employees, giving them a chance to get to know one another outside of the office and “professional” environment. They are incredibly fun and everyone will have a chance to let their hair down.

At Avalanche, we provide a detailed outline for an amazing corporate outing. You may begin by brainstorming ideas on corporate days out and come across articles that suggest field trips or professional development activities, but where is the fun in that?

What you need is real time excitement and a thrilling experience that is guaranteed to give you an adrenalin rush. Needless to say, Avalanche Adventure gives you just that.

Why Choose Corporate Days Out with Avalanche Adventure?

If you’re planning to treat your employees in a fun and unique way, Avalanche Adventure is your go-to option without a doubt. We offer top of the range fun activities for a memorable Corporate Day Out.

Our packages can be tailored to meet your requirements and the budget. Our new building is the perfect hangout place for holding meetings pre or post activities along with excellent catering services to please your taste buds.

Corporate days out activities are designed to enhance and inculcate leadership, management training and problem solving. There are all sure-fire ways to ensure development of trust, communication, motivation and teamwork amongst employees.

At Avalanche, team development is at the core of all the activities that we offer to unleash the potential of your team.

We have CIPD qualified staff that have over 20 years of experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations.

Our qualified experts stretch the mind a lot more than the body for strategic development all the while incorporating your main theories and tools.

Corporate Days Out

Top Activities for Larger Groups

Avalanche Adventure offers the following games for organizations with larger groups:

Giant Jigsaw

Teams must work together in order to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible. Initially, teams will be divided and given separate bags containing puzzle pieces.

It will give the team the impression that they are competing against each other but will soon come to realize that they have no way of completing the puzzle unless they work in harmony with other sub-teams as they are likely to hold the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Avalanche Adventure will provide you with puzzle pieces that will keep all the team members engaged during the exercise.

We will conduct the activity in a reasonably spacious place which will be big enough to accommodate all team members and can also make viewing the puzzle easier which will make the solving more fun.

Teams with more than five people will be challenged on their organizational, leadership and team skills and will also ensure that every team member has a definite role to play within the team as a part of corporate days out activity.

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Communication Skills

Blindfold Driving

There is no better way to demonstrate the true value of team work, collaboration and communication than Blindfold Driving. It a challenging yet fun activity which involves a minimum of four people and is a true test of trust and skill consisting of a blindfolded driver using one of our Land Rover Defenders.

The driver sits in the second gear and leaves the Land Rover to drive itself without the accelerator, clutch or brake. The other team member must navigate the blindfolded driver around our course using clear and direct instructions. We allow every member of the team to practice and they get timed on their last lap. The member with the quickest time wins.

To begin with Blindfold Driving, a qualified instructor will take you through a quick 10 minute brief informing you about the activity and will familiarise you with our Blindfold Driving course which is made out of tyres.

These tyres will act as obstacles while driving around and each team must try to navigate the driver to avoid these hurdles and also to prevent time penalties. You do not have to worry at all as an instructor will always be around at the locations where the tyres are placed as obstacles to guide you with the operation of the controls of our Land Rover Defenders.

Prepare to be surprised, enthralled and thoroughly entertained by the results in this thrilling corporate days out activity.

Blindfold Driving requires top notch listening skills and verbal communication and coordination skills, not to mention maintaining a cool head under pressure.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Opposite Steer Buggy is an interesting and challenging activity as a part of your corporate days out activities. Quite simply, as you steer to the left, the buggy goes to the right and vice versa testing your reactions and brain power. You will have to trash all your driving lessons (only till you complete the activity) as you will go against everything that you have been taught.

You will require copious amounts of concentration in order to get used to the operation of this vehicle. The little buggy available with us runs on a series mini engine on a space frame and is fairly quick. Come and drive it around our challenging course where hurdles are placed using canes and you will have to reverse the buggy into our make shift garage.

A qualified instructor is just a call away to help you with hints and tips for driving this little but nippy Opposite Steer Buggy. Our team will make you go through the controls and course in a 10 minute brief session to give you an idea of how to control the buggy.

Concentration is the key throughout in this fun corporate days out activity.

Air Rifle Shooting

Perfect your aim, ready, set, fire! Have fun participating in this challenging target shooting activity and master the art of shooting. Points can be scored and accumulated to determine the winning team.

Team members need to try and shoot the target from a specified distance and earn points for their team. We will start your air rifle shooting session with a safety briefing and tutorial on how to hit the targets and perfect your aim.

This activity lays emphasis on the importance of being accurate and taking correct decisions when working as a team.

Air rifle shooting as a corporate days out activity will determine if you have what it takes to hit the bulls-eye.

Corporate Days Out Leicestershire

Benefits of Corporate Days Out with Avalanche Adventure

While the face value of corporate days out activities is to have an adventurous and fun day taking a break from everyday work life, the by-product of these activities results in corporate development, team-building exercises which enhance group skills, communication and bonding.

The key to success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective and efficient teams. The activities that employees participate in during their Corporate Day Out provide them with realistic experiences that allow individuals to contribute to common goals.

Productivity and motivation are the main aspects of indulging in corporate days out activities.

Taking employees out of the office will help the groups break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions and have fun. There are various benefits of such activities, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Enhances self-esteem and leadership skills
  • Nudges creativity and thwarts the hindering barriers
  • Clearly defines objectives and goals
  • Enhances processes and goals
  • Enhances organizational productivity
  • Recognizes a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhances problem solving ability

Corporate Days Out Assist in Tapping into Hidden Potential

Avalanche Adventure runs team building programs and plans custom activities for employees of both large and small organizations.

Companies can plan for corporate days out and with good reason too where the hustle and bustle of the corporate world results in turnover and attrition levels that are skyrocketing with every passing day.

Activities in these programs are designed to motivate individuals to pool their talents and give their best both individually and as team players. Team members discern that diversity is their greatest strength and conviction, teamwork and effective communication are integral to a team’s success.

Such structured activities encourage development individually, but bring all the members together for a common goal and cause. Programs enlisted under corporate days out provide powerful and buoyant experiences allowing companies to compete effectively by enabling staff from different corporate levels to work as true team players.

Corporate Days Out – It could be the Most Important Investment you will Make

Organizing corporate days out is the most important investment you can make for your staff. It instils trust, takes the edge off any conflicts, encourages communication and increases cooperation. An effective corporate outing means an increase in employee engagement which is favourable for overall organizational culture. Add to the mix a streak of adventure and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Refrain from Forcing Anything Remotely Corporate

Aiming for a memorable and successful corporate outing that does not resemble a regular day at the office?

Avalanche adventure offers activities that do not overtly aim to draw in leadership lessons. This is because we understand that spending time together and exchanging experiences while working towards a common goal allows bonding to occur more organically and far more effectively.

Corporate Events

Trying Something New With Your Staff

Happiness and learning are two sides of a coin. Trying new things with your staff can generate good vibes amongst employees and at the same time contribute towards benefitting the business itself. Opting to do something new and slightly out of the box will nudge employees to come out of their comfort zones and facilitate bonding in new ways.

This cannot be termed as splurging – it is an investment and a fruitful one.

At the end of your corporate adventure, you will notice that it was an absolutely worthwhile investment. Your staff will feel appreciated and rejuvenated making everyone feel like a conqueror and a champion.

The point of having corporate days out is to invest in something unique and get satisfying returns benefitting the organization as well as the employees.

How are you to know if your employees have had a fulfilling corporate outing? The laughter, sense of excitement and accomplishment will speak for themselves.

Avalanche Adventure for Corporate Days Out

We assure you of an experience that you will forever remember. We pride ourselves on the personal and friendly connection that we have with our clients.

If you are looking for an out of the box and fun activity for your team like Corporate Days Out, then Avalanche Adventure is your one stop shop for top notch entertainment at budget friendly prices.

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