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Avalanche Adventure

Clay  Pigeon Shooting Warwickshire

At Avalanche Adventure, we know that our customers enjoy the thrill of clay pigeon shooting and better yet, you don’t actually need any experience to have a go! All our instructors are fully trained and will ensure to demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and accurately in an entirely calm environment.

Why Choose Us for Clay Pigeon Shooting in Warwickshire?

Our clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire have traps that are laid out in such a way to accommodate all levels of experience and imitate a variety of shooting games. We tailor each of our clay shoots to match your ability and experience in order for you to find the event rewarding and challenging. As you become more experienced, you can progress to more challenging clays.

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Warwickshire Packages:

We have 3 clay pigeon shooting in Warwickshire packages on offer:

25 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 2-3 different clays)

50 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 3-4 different clays)

100 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 4-5 different clays)

With 12 electric traps we can cater for all skill levels by offering a variety of clay pigeons. We provide both 12 and 20 bore shotguns suitable for men, women and children. This is an ideal activity on its own or as part of an Avalanche Adventure day out alongside a range of other activities.

  • Fun and easy!
  • All groups welcome
  • We cater for novices
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