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Avalanche Adventure

Clay Pigeon Shooting

At Avalanche Adventure we know everyone enjoys the thrill of clay pigeon shooting, and you do not need to have any prior experience to come and have a go!

Our experienced instructors will demonstrate how to use a shotgun safely and accurately in a pressure free environment.

The clay pigeon traps are positioned to accommodate all levels of experience and simulate a variety of specific game. We will tailor each clay shoot to match your ability and experience so that you find the event rewarding and challenging. As your experience grows you can progress to more challenging clays.

We have 12 remote controlled electric traps which means we can cater for all skill levels by offering a wide variety of clay pigeons, including: Down the line, Driven, Teal, Crossers, Crossing Pairs and our new Rabbit trap. We provide both 12 and 20 bore shotguns suitable for children, ladies and gentlemen.

We have 3 clay pigeon shooting packages on offer:

25 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 2-3 different clays)

50 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 3-4 different clays)

100 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 4-5 different clays)

This is an ideal activity on its own or as part of an Avalanche Adventure day out alongside other activities.

We advise that anyone taking part wears appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather.

12 Years and Over

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Took two grandchildren for a clay-shooting taster. Went mid-week during the easter holidays so no crowds. Very well organised, clean and tidy. Good spectator area (ear defenders provided). Instruction was excellent. Result, two happy boys.

Paul Neville

Arrived at the venue, very clean and well managed, Met by a very friendly instructor who talked through safety whilst walking up to the Shooting Range we were then join by a second instructor, We had a Gun fitting as we had 2 guys and 4 girls all novices and never shot before, we had the 50 clay shoot which covered all 5 different ranges 10 clays on each style, I must say we had a lot of fun and after the first initial couple of shots soon settled into competition mode it was a great event and everyone agreed it is something we will go back and do again, maybe the 100 clay round next time. 5 stars all round the instructors couldn’t have done anything else to make sure we enjoyed it.

  • Fun and easy!
  • All groups welcome
  • We cater for novices

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